Potluck – A Sonic Cornucopia

Eric Leonardson and his class of Intro to Sound Students put another show this semester entitled Potluck – A Sonic Cornucopia.

Originally aired 11/19/2018.

Kate Intro To Sound Radio Broadcast: Sad Boy Radio

Katherine Young’s Intro to Sound Class Broadcast for the semester.
Originally aired 11/13/2018.

The Trail Mix Broadcast – The Final Show

Many Thanks to Katelyn and Jesse for their years of service to our Station.
Originally aired 5/11/2018.

Tangential Space Deadpool 2 Review

Having Seen Deadpool 2, Ethan has a few feelings to share about how the movie compares to the first, and the problems that arise within the Narrative.
Originally aired 5/22/2018.

The Salt: Rose Cora Perry Interview

The Salt interviews Canadian artist Rose Cora Perry from Rose Cora Perry and The Truth Untold!

Originally aired 4/21/2018.

Good Morning SAIC: with Alex Younger on Recourse In Response to Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Originally aired 4/17/2018.

Dr. Emily Hoyler’s 20th Century Song Class Broadcast 2018

The students of Emily Hoyler’s “20th-Century Song” class will broadcast a program of their song selections. Tune in to listen to a broad range of songs and learn about their musical features through close listening.
Originally aired 4/17/2018.

ShowThirtyOne MarcLeBlanc

Originally aired 4/12/2018.

Take This Journey 4/10/2018 Excerpts

Originally aired 4/10/2018.

The Salt: Jubiri Interview and Performance

You can purchase Jubiri’s “eeppee” here: jubiri.bandcamp.com/

Originally aired 4/14/2018.