Peach Tea Weekly 14 Excerpt

Originally aired 2/25/2016.

AWE: Influence

The premier episode of AWE. A, W, E, and X discuss influences. Originally aired 2/22/2016.

Tangential Space 2/19/2016 Excerpt

Listen to Tangential Space fridays from 3:00 – 4:00 PM. Originally aired 2/19/2016.

Transfixations Warm Up

Originally aired 2/11/16.

A conversation with Dj Slurp & Free Radio

A conversation with Dj Slurp, creator of the show The Biscuit. Originally aired 2/3/2016.

The Lyric Essay: Permanent Record

Originally aired 4/25/2014.

The Lyric Essay: 2013

Originally aired 4/24/2013.

The Lyric Essay: Episode 2

Originally aired Spring 2011.

The Lyric Essay: Episode 1

Originally aired Spring 2011.


Excerpt from I MAKE NOISE’s show titled DOUGLAS. This excerpt features a live reading of DJ KILLY BRISTLES’ script and an interview with Douglas Ewart, who also performs on various instruments. Originally aired 4/24/2015.
Check out the full show here