Eshovo, the man behind MAX POETICS, just dropped his new project #000000. Check it out, and you can find a link to download it on his profile!

From Eshovo:
#000000 is a sonic culmination of my entering my Saturn return*. more »

Eric Leonardson’s Class: Original Instruments Concert

Students of Eric Leonardson’s Instrument Construction course display and perform with their new and original inventions. Food and beverages provided courtesy of SAIC Department of Sound.

Originally Aired 12/18/2015

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You’re Listening To 2 Thrasher Ave

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Interview with voice actor Kari Wahlgren. Originally aired 10/09/2012.

The Trail Mix Broadcast: True Mix excerpt

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Cartoons on the Radio interview with actor Gary Anthony Williams. Originally aired 3/8/2012

All My Friends Are Beautiful 3

All My Friends Are Beautiful ft. Ethan! Originally Aired 3/31/2015.

Model Citizens

Jason Foumberg’s New Arts Journalism graduate students present their various vignettes. Originally aired 11/13/2015.