Sample 10:16

Sample of Text Sound class 2015

Radio Without Qualities P. 381 – 401

The Man Without Qualities pages 381 through 401 performed by Elizabeth Van Loan. Originally aired 10/5/2015.

All My Friends Are Beautiful 2

All My Friends Are Beautiful is blue_mug’s radio show where a friend is invited to be interviewed about whatever they choose. Originally aired 3/17/2015.

From the Archive: Blonder Tongue Audio Baton 12.3.13

Blonder Tongue Audio Baton was faculty member Alex Valentine’s radio show, and early analog graphics equalizer, more »

From the Archive: Erin O’Brien Neighborhood Public Radio Broadcast

Erin O’Brien’s Broadcast during the Whitney Biennial with NPR in 2008. Originally aired on 4/24/2008.

The Lyric Essay: Permanent Record

Produced by Mary Cross’ Class. (SAIC Writing Department) Originally aired in Spring 2014


Produced by Lee and Pablo’s Monday Core Class.
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In Audible Frequencies

A one of a kind performance by Eric Leonardson’s Introduction to Sound Class. Originally Aired on 11/19/2013.

2 Thrasher Ave.: Previous Playlists

Thrasher Ave

9/10/15  “Young Chop Edition”

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Eva4Eva Previous Shows & Guests

Aired 8/31/15

Guest Andrew Murray Trim


Aired 8/24/15

Guest: Johnny C


Aired 7/20/15

Guest: Alex Douziech

Special Guest for “That’s Outrageous” segment: Krysia Zajonc

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