All My Friends Are Beautiful 2

All My Friends Are Beautiful is blue_mug’s radio show where a friend is invited to be interviewed about whatever they choose. Originally aired 3/17/2015.

From the Archive: Blonder Tongue Audio Baton 12.3.13

Blonder Tongue Audio Baton was faculty member Alex Valentine’s radio show, and early analog graphics equalizer, more »

From the Archive: Erin O’Brien Neighborhood Public Radio Broadcast

Erin O’Brien’s Broadcast during the Whitney Biennial with NPR in 2008. Originally aired on 4/24/2008.

The Lyric Essay: Permanent Record

Produced by Mary Cross’ Class. (SAIC Writing Department) Originally aired in Spring 2014


Produced by Lee and Pablo’s Monday Core Class.
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In Audible Frequencies

A one of a kind performance by Eric Leonardson’s Introduction to Sound Class. Originally Aired on 11/19/2013.

2 Thrasher Ave.: Previous Playlists

Thrasher Ave

9/10/15  “Young Chop Edition”

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Eva4Eva Previous Shows & Guests

Aired 8/31/15

Guest Andrew Murray Trim


Aired 8/24/15

Guest: Johnny C


Aired 7/20/15

Guest: Alex Douziech

Special Guest for “That’s Outrageous” segment: Krysia Zajonc

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To You, Somehow

To You, Somehow is born out of a desire to further understand and unearth the emotion within Carrie & Lowell, and to approach the fear Stevens feels in writing the album. When all of the instruments, lyrics, and everything else that contextualizes these works as songs to be sung fall apart, what can remain? more »