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Special: Video Game Music

“Live with Tristian and Jesse until we think of a better name…”

Originally aired 3/11/2017.

This Moment Here: What We Wish We Knew 3/20/17

Originally aired 3/20/2017.

Sentient Sites


Originally aired 3/17/2017 as part of Ginger Kreb’s Sentient Sites performance class.

The Process and The Brief: The Process 3/15

Originally aired 3/15/2017.

Molotov Chinese Cock Pill Gun Show – Show 02 Excerpt

Originally aired 3/5/2017.

The Process and the Brief: Brief#1

Originally aired 3/1/2017.

The Trail Mix Broadcast – Love Songs Excerpt

Originally aired 2/10/2017.


The Process and the Brief: Process 2/15

Originally aired 2/15/2017.