Your Weekly BS Ep. 2 Excerpts

Bailey and Sahej bring you Kim K’s placenta, leg hair and Swan Lake.

The Salt//The Voluptuals: Interview and Performance

Exclusive interview and performance with Chicago band “The Voluptuals”

Jim And Ian Hurdle Through Space 9/8/2017 Excerpt

Originally aired 9/8/2017.

The Trail Mix Broadcast – Roulette Excerpts


Spin the wheel! Pick a genre!

Originally aired 2/24/2017.

GRGES Radio 29 Excerpts

Originally aired 6/9/2017.

FUN DIP RADIO 1 Excerpts

Featuring DJ Itty Bitty Stacy, IBS: Irritable Babe Syndrome

Originally aired 6/14/2017.


Take This Journey: Interview with Kevin Coval

Originally aired 5/23/2017.

Mallory Somera interviews Kevin Coval: activist, educator, poet, and author of A People’s History of Chicago.

Woven: A Documentary for Radio

Originally aired 5/12/2017.

A radio documentary containing seven stories of the textile industry and the threads that bind it to women’s history.

Written and Produced by Katelyn Sinclair.

Tangential Space 5/24/17 Excerpts


Originally aired 5/24/2017.

The Court of Avalon


Originally aired 5/5/2017.

Written and Directed by Tim Bungeroth.