The Trail Mix Broadcast: 80s One Hit Wonders Excerpt

Originally Aired 11/11/2016.

Listen to all the cheesy pop synth your heart desires.

Remixá 3 Excerpt


Originally Aired 10/17/2016.

Take This Journey: Chicago

Originally Aired 11/8/2016

Tangental Space 9/28/2016 Excerpt

Originally Aired 9/28/2016.

Remixa 10/10/2016 Excerpt

The Trail Mix Broadcast – Heroes Excerpt

The Salt Excerpt 10/8/2016

Her name is Paloma and you are listening to The Salt on Free Radio SAIC~

Joey Shares 10/4/2016 Excerpt

Originally Aired 10/4/2016

Remixá 10/6/2016 Excerpt

Christina and Miriam on their first broadcast! Originally aired on 10/3/2016

Eric Leonardson’s Class: Original Instruments Concert

Students of Eric Leonardson’s Instrument Construction course display and perform with their new and original inventions. Food and beverages provided courtesy of SAIC Department of Sound.

Originally Aired 12/18/2015