Sentient Sites


Originally aired 3/17/2017 as part of Ginger Kreb’s Sentient Sites performance class.

Molotov Chinese Cock Pill Gun Show – Show 02 Excerpt

Originally aired 3/5/2017.

The Trail Mix Broadcast – Love Songs Excerpt

Originally aired 2/10/2017.


Remixa 2017 – 1 Excerpt

Originally aired 02/07/2017.

Remixá 11/7/2017 Excerpt

Tangential Space Excerpt 11/30/2016

The Salt 11/5/2016 Excerpt

The Trail Mix Broadcast: 80s One Hit Wonders Excerpt

Originally Aired 11/11/2016.

Listen to all the cheesy pop synth your heart desires.

Remixá 3 Excerpt


Originally Aired 10/17/2016.

Take This Journey: Chicago

Originally Aired 11/8/2016