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Misprints seeks to reinterpret past and present SAIC publications through the process of databending sonification. For the purpose of this transmission, the entirety of Over a Century, which is a set of personal recollections of the School’s first 115 years edited by Roger Gilmore, will be broadcast.

Misprints: New Beginnings 4/16/2016

Originally aired 4/16/2016.

Misprints: Over A Century 4/15/2016

Originally aired 4/15/2016.

Misprints: Remembrances 4/9/2016

Originally aired 4/9/2016.

Misprints: A History 4/1/2016

Originally aired 4/1/2016.

Misprints: A Recollection 3/19/2016

Originally aired 3/19/2016.