Special Performances

Special Performances

A collection of one time performances by SAIC Students, Staff, & Faculty.

Specific Sites with Eric Leonardson

Specific Sites is a celebration of student work from Acoustic Ecology and Soundscape at SAIC.

Originally aired 12/18/2017.

Happy Hour: presented by Eric Leonardson’s Intro To Sound Class

Originally aired 11/20/2017.

Woven: A Documentary for Radio

Originally aired 5/12/2017.

A radio documentary containing seven stories of the textile industry and the threads that bind it to women’s history.

Written and Produced by Katelyn Sinclair.

Original Instrument Concert 5/8/2017

From the event description:
“We invite you to come watch, listen to, and celebrate the hard work of the students of Eric Leonardson’s Instrument Construction course. Each student will be performing an experimental instrument they have planned and constructed through out the semester.

Food and beverages will be provided, so bring your friends and come enjoy an afternoon sounds you won’t hear anywhere else.

The artists performing are:
Johnny An
Benjamin Arguelles
Alex Bach
Rebecca Beauchamp
Darren Edwards
Frank Harrer
Alex Kim
Rafael Rivas
Josh Spelman-Hall
Rocio Zavala”

Originally aired 5/8/2017.

The Court of Avalon


Originally aired 5/5/2017.

Written and Directed by Tim Bungeroth.

Special: Video Game Music

“Live with Tristian and Jesse until we think of a better name…”

Originally aired 3/11/2017.

Sentient Sites


Originally aired 3/17/2017 as part of Ginger Kreb’s Sentient Sites performance class.

Blue Man Group Promo

Originally aired 11/4/2016.
The Trail Mix Broadcast gives a brief review of the Blue Man Group’s show at Briar Street Theater. More details at: www.blueman.com/chicago

Special Event: SAIC Bikecast

SAIC FreeRadio & SAIC Sustainability

Thanks to Marie Baldwin for the interview.

This interview does not represent the views of SAIC.

Breakfast Club Excerpt

Originally aired 7/21/2016.

An Interview with Osmo’s Coding team

Free Radio interviews recent graduates Felix Hu (Northwestern), Ariel Zekelman (SAIC), and Eric Uchalik (SAIC) who developed the learning game Coding, which started in a cross-university class between SAIC and Northwestern. Originally aired 5/30/2016.


Originally aired 4/27/2016.

Hungry For Your Circuits

Originally aired 4/22/2016.

Hungry For Your Circuits

coming soon!

Eric Leonardson’s Class: Original Instruments Concert

Students of Eric Leonardson’s Instrument Construction course display and perform with their new and original inventions. Food and beverages provided courtesy of SAIC Department of Sound.

Originally Aired 12/18/2015

Model Citizens

Jason Foumberg’s New Arts Journalism graduate students present their various vignettes. Originally aired 11/13/2015.

From the Archive: SAIC 1970 Faculty Side B

This LP recording and accompanying portfolio were produced by about 80 Artists in response to the Sheridan Centrifuge with the cooperation of the Advance Process Supply. B Side.

From the Archive: SAIC 1970 Faculty Side A

This LP recording and accompanying portfolio were produced by about 80 Artists in response to the Sheridan Centrifuge with the cooperation of the Advance Process Supply.

From the Archive: External Interior Audio Survey

External Interior Audio Survey was a performance by Devid Lewis, Alex Inglizian, Deanna Rooney, and Jonathan Rockford in which the performers used wireless transmission more »

Sample 10:16

Sample of Text Sound class 2015

From the Archive: Erin O’Brien Neighborhood Public Radio Broadcast

Erin O’Brien’s Broadcast during the Whitney Biennial with NPR in 2008. Originally aired on 4/24/2008.

The Lyric Essay: Permanent Record

Produced by Mary Cross’ Class. (SAIC Writing Department) Originally aired in Spring 2014


Produced by Lee and Pablo’s Monday Core Class.
more »

In Audible Frequencies

A one of a kind performance by Eric Leonardson’s Introduction to Sound Class. Originally Aired on 11/19/2013.

To You, Somehow

To You, Somehow is born out of a desire to further understand and unearth the emotion within Carrie & Lowell, and to approach the fear Stevens feels in writing the album. When all of the instruments, lyrics, and everything else that contextualizes these works as songs to be sung fall apart, what can remain? more »