Take This Journey

Take This Journey

“”Take this journey
Don’t be scared, be prepared
From the light that shines
From the top of the spine
Not the mind to the mouth, creativity release””

With a title inspired by The Grouch and Eligh’s “”Lake Release””, Take This Journey explores different musical narratives through themes like artist origins and sample roots.

Take This Journey 4/10/2018 Excerpts

Originally aired 4/10/2018.

Take This Journey with Invisible Podcast Radio

Mallory is joined by Chelsea and Nino from IPR.

More about Invisible Podcast Radio:

Originally aired 2/20/2018.

Take This Journey 11/7/2017 Excerpts

Originally aired 11/7/2017.

Take This Journey: Interview with Kevin Coval

Originally aired 5/23/2017.

Mallory Somera interviews Kevin Coval: activist, educator, poet, and author of A People’s History of Chicago.

Take This Journey: Chicago

Originally Aired 11/8/2016