Tangential Space

Tangential Space

Wednesday 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM

The Impressionist Brings the combination of jamming Electronic Music with the latest in tech and Video game news. Listen to the latest in Tech news and newer entries in the Dubstep and Dance scenes, as well as classics of those genres, and more! Expect as well Comparisons between modern music and Older music as You Delve deep into the mind of The Impressionist.

Tangential Space 5/24/17 Excerpts


Originally aired 5/24/2017.

Tangential Space Excerpt 11/30/2016

Tangental Space 9/28/2016 Excerpt

Originally Aired 9/28/2016.

Tangential Space 8/19/2016 Excerpt

Ethan and Pheonix discuss the olympics, dance dance revolution, and tell embarrassing stories.
Originally aired 8/19/2016.

Tangential Space: 10 Cloverfield Lane Review

Originally aired 3/18/2016.

Tangential Space 2/19/2016 Excerpt

Listen to Tangential Space fridays from 3:00 – 4:00 PM. Originally aired 2/19/2016.