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The Trail Mix Broadcast

The Trail Mix Broadcast

Friday 04:00 PM to 05:30 PM

Just like the classic snack, each week we’ll dive into a different genre of music and explore what each has to offer.

The Trail Mix Broadcast – Love Songs Excerpt

Originally aired 2/10/2017.


The Trail Mix Broadcast: 80s One Hit Wonders Excerpt

Originally Aired 11/11/2016.

Listen to all the cheesy pop synth your heart desires.

The Trail Mix Broadcast – Heroes Excerpt

The Trail Mix Broadcast: PREMIUM

Why listen to the Trail Mix Broadcast free when you could listen to the Trail Mix Broadcast PREMIUM??!

Originally aired 9/9/2016.

Square… Square in the dogs… Square


Katelyn Takes Over Trail Mix Broadcast Excerpt

Originally aired 4/22/2016.

The Trail Mix Broadcast: True Mix excerpt

Originally aired 11/13/2015.

The Trail Mix Broadcast: Classic Rock Excerpt

Originally aired 10/30/2015.