The Staff

Harrison Wyrick

Station Manager
– and rug making Senior, say hi to me if you see me at school :)

James Warren Hunt

Production Manager.
Animator and musician or something like that.

Emris Brandt


Promotions Manager.
I do things. I go places. Talk to me about whatever, whenever.

Carrie Ruckel


Staff Advisor
Carrie is the Staff Advisor for ExTV and Free Radio, as well as the Manager of Student Media and Training. Her background is in art and video making with a BFA from SAIC and an MFA in Visual Art from Vermont College of Fine Art. Carrie has experience working in small film and video productions, television, and broadcast media. Prior to working for SAIC, she worked for Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV), making original content for their channels, working in several different genres including live-broadcasts, interviews, talk shows and performances, etc. She often focused on covering arts and culture events in the City. At SAIC, Carrie guides the student-led organizations ExTV and Free Radio in both traditional and alternative ways of showcasing and working with media, as well as, oversees training on certified equipment from the Media Center.