We are excited to announce that we will be holding a Returning Producer Meeting on Wednesday, September 20th at 3:30 in the booth! (Maclean 1302-c) This meeting is for producers who have already hosted shows with Free Radio in the past. We are looking to further build community among producers and learn how to better support you throughout the year. So swing by, meet some new faces, and most importantly enjoy some free snacks! 

A successful radio station isn’t just about delivering content—it’s about building a strong sense of community, engagement, and connection. And we are prepared to evolve and meet the needs of YOU!
We invite you to share your creative ideas, get to know one another, and help us build the new Free Radio

-Free Radio Team


Hey you! Have you ever wanted to host your own radio show? Well, you’re in luck! FreeRadio SAIC is now accepting proposals for new shows! Whether it’s a show featuring exclusively 1980s city pop or a podcast discussing the interconnectedness of deep-sea life: the world is your oyster!

We accept one-offs, on-going, or anything in between. You can play curated mixes, traditional and experimental sound art, narratives, informative or news-oriented talk shows, interviews, live performances, and any other audio-based content you can think of.

Students, alumni, staff, and faculty are all welcome and we only require an easy, 30-minute equipment training session before your first show. Click “propose a show!” in our website header for more information and the application form.

Open Airwaves 2023

Open Airwaves is our annual online festival where we showcase a selection of audio-based work by students here at SAIC! Tune into the Lumpen Radio broadcast of Open AirWaves 2023 on Friday May 12th at 10am and 3pm.

Longform Episode 16

Izimbra #10

Dispersionology and Other Tales – May 10, 1:00-2:30

Dispersionology and Other Tales
*May 10, 1:00-2:30
Listen @ Free Radio SAIC:
Watch @ Zoom: Launch Meeting – Zoom

Doug Van Nord, PhD, student of Pauline Oliveros and founder of Dispersion Lab for distributed performance and sensorial immersion, celebrates 20 years of telematic performances with an ambitious transnational performance next week. A full list of the ~50 performers around the globe is below.

Garrett Laroy Johnson and CCAM is organizing a Chicago node in collaboraiton with Free Radio SAIC. He is joined by Eric Leonardson and Gordon Fung representing ATS, Sound, and FVNMA on this global stage.

*performance statement

In the world of physics, dispersion describes a phenomenon in which the rate of propagation of a wave in a medium, its phase velocity, is dependent on its frequency. This can be seen in light, sound, gravity waves, etc. Its a property of telecommunications signals, including the ulses of light in optical fibre cables, describing how the signal broadens and spreads out as it moves across the channel. Dispersion therefore is inherent in the medium that more-and-more binds us these days, in the movements of light pulses that transports our attention, and our listening, around the globe. A beautiful consequence of dispersion is a change in the angle of refraction of different frequencies, leading to a prismatic opening up of a full colour spectrum from incoming light. This ability to broaden out as signals propagate through the network reflects a much wider expansion of distributed listening and sounding that is made possible in the context of telematic musicking.


Hi Producers, and everyone else!!!

Our LAST open meeting of the semester is coming up April 14th! Producers are highly encouraged to come! We are going to talk about show transition into the summer, etc. Come to hang out! As always, we will have stickers, candy, and vibes.

SPRING DANCE – March 24th

Join us March 24th for a cool Spring DJ night!

Featuring student DJ’s Nam, Teg, and Jason!

Free food! Swag! Vibes!

Open AirWaves Listening Party 2023!!

At 4:30PM!

Join Free Radio for a stream of our audio festival Open AirWaves 2023! We have lots of amazing work from SAIC community members.

This event is open to everyone! It will be held in the radio booth, Maclean 1302-C. Come vibe in the booth, chat with and meet fellow sound artists, and have a cool time B-).

Open Meeting <3

Our FIRST OPEN MEETING of Spring is coming up! It will be February 17th in the booth room 1302-C in the MacLean building – 112 Michigan Ave) at 4:30pm!

Anyone is welcome to come and find out more about Free Radio and how to get involved, regardless of whether you are interested in producing a show! We would love to meet and introduce SAIC’s audio-based artists and creators to each other.

Come check out the station! It will be a good time, good music, good chats, and info about Free Radio.