Out of Bounds Ep. 6: Back to the Future Playoffs

We are very, very right this episode. Or very wrong. Who knows? It’s the Playoffs! In the final episode of Season 1, the Out of Bounds team recaps the first round of the NBA and NHL Playoffs and peers into their crystal ball to see the inevitable champions. Ben tips off with some social justice initiatives that are happening around the NBA (that maybe the NFL could take note of), Kat evaluates the teams still left in the NHL bracket, and Aidan talks up his New York Knicks. Unfortunately, we may have jinxed a team or two…

Open Airwaves 2021

Free Radio SAIC’s annual broadcast of SAIC student+staff+faculty audio works.

Track list:
1. harrison – somg
2.Bess Ivy – Packyow
3. Madeleine Aguilar – summer 2020
4. Cliff – A Room in Motion
5. Araceli Zuniga – Mi Vida En Total
6. Eric Capper – media broadcast
7. Cliff – SCORE 1
8. Cliff – Nowhere News
9. 11ai – skyday
10. Will O’Callahan – Morning with Albert
11. The Asthmatic (Sig Harmon) – Gore At The End
12. Danny Floyd – Drone Suite Excerpt

Out of Bounds Ep. 3: Tournament Bracket – Jersey Edition

Kat, Aidan, and Ben throw down in a round-robin tournament to declare the best jersey in the history of the NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB. It’s a bloodbath.

SAAHD – Mental Health Panel

From the archive: Mental Health panel hosted by SAAHD on November 10th, 2020.

Out of Bounds Ep. 2

This week our bond grows deeper as we learn about each other’s favorite teams — Aidan reveals the purest way to be a sports fan, Ben shares an unfortunate winter wear experience, and Kat recruits us to the cult of Gritty.

Out of Bounds Ep. 1

The first episode of the new sports podcast brought to you by F Newsmagazine!

Ben solves the mystery of the missing San Diego Chargers, Kat discovers the secret formula of the Las Vegas Golden Knights’ success, and Aidan laments the loss of the Montreal Expos.

Spotlight On: NASA

The co-leaders of SAIC’s Native American Students Association (NASA), Carly Trujilo, Lexie Billie, and Camille Billie join us on air to drop some recs for their favorite contemporary Native artists, writers, and musicians, and to talk about issues of academic-self representation and the Roger Brown Collection. Part 1 of a 2-part interview, recorded in late August 2020.

Transcript, including links to their recommendations, can be found here: fnewsmagazine.com/2020/10/spotligh…nts-association/

Constellations – Chris Han

Constellations (audio performance)
by Chis Han (Sound MFA 2020)
recorded at Constellations 2020 at SITE Gallery
Broadcasting on freeradiosaic.org every evening from 6-7pm until October 3rd.

GROOVY.WAV dj set excerpt @ www.disco

~~the final moments of the organism~~

live from FreeRadio SAIC’s summer party on Zoom, hosted on 7/17/2020

Spotlight On: Dr. Terri Rebmann

Dr. Terri Rebmann from St. Louis University talks about reopening procedures on college and university campuses and her role advising SAIC on best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Olivia Canny, news editor at SAIC’s student newspaper F Newsmagazine, talks to Dr. Terri Rebmann in this FreeRadioSAIC “spotlight on” program.

F Newsmagazine and FreeRadioSAIC team up to bring you important interviews during these unprecedented times at SAIC. Please contact us at freeradiosaic.org/about/ if you want to participate in an interview or know someone who could speak out on current events at SAIC!