Tables Turning: Show 1 Excerpts

Gaby Saucedo is making her way through NPR’s recently published list of 150 Best Albums Made by Women; getting critical, asking questions and proposing alternatives.

Originally aired 2/11/2018.

Celtic Rainstorm 2/4/2018 Excerpts

Originally aired 2/4/2018.

The Trail Mix Broadcast: 50 States S – Z Excerpt

Originally aired 2/2/2018.

Love Or Lust 12/13/17 Excerpts

Originally aired 12/13/2017.

Jim And Ian Hurdle Through Space: Holiday Special

Originally aired 12/15/2017.

This Moment Here: ShowTwenty with Matt Morris

Originally aired 12/8/2017.

The X 12/17/2017 Excerpts

Originally aired 12/17/2017.

Specific Sites with Eric Leonardson

Specific Sites is a celebration of student work from Acoustic Ecology and Soundscape at SAIC.

Originally aired 12/18/2017.

PEEL + The Salt: Interview and Live Session

Local Chicago band PEEL join Paloma and Sarina of The Salt for an interview and live set.

Originally aired 12/9/2017.

Happy Hour: presented by Eric Leonardson’s Intro To Sound Class

Originally aired 11/20/2017.