Free Radio SAIC is the student-run Internet radio station of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Members develop shows according to their interests. Examples include: curated mixes, traditional and experimental sound art, narratives, informative or news-oriented talk shows, interviews and live performances. Station membership is open to any SAIC student, faculty, staff or alumni. It is our goal to encourage the SAIC community to play and expand upon traditional broadcast and to produce original radio experiences.

We host virtual and IRL events such as the annual OpenAir(Waves) mix of submitted student, faculty, and staff audio work, and the legendary Silent Disco party in the spring semester. We offer training on audio and DJ equipment and software as well as a community of friendly faces.

So come join us! Be part of the Free Radio experiment.

the Booth

Located on the 13th floor of MacLean Center, Free Radio’s booth is open for use! As an Internet radio station, we air live shows to a global audience, as well as keeping a streaming archive of shows available online. We offer training on audio, DJ equipment, and broadcasting software.

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The Staff

Janet Lopez


Station Manager
Janet is a south side Chicago native. When she’s not skateboarding with friends, reading or welding metal you can find her planning for her skate podcast, Planeta Patineta.


Thomas Madison


Production Manager.
If there’s music and fun to be had I’ll be there.


Isabel Steffes


Promotions Manager.
Hi, I’m Isabel: a lover of black-and-white patterns, cooking, and all things music. I’m a natural blonde and an unapologetic pop-socket user. Tune into my radio show “i-zimbra” Thursdays 5-6.


Luke Burris


Production Assistant
Collector of bleeps, bloops, wooshes, and the occasional clang.


BJ Allen


Staff Advisor
BJ Allen is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, and curator. They love fussing with machines, mentoring students, and learning new things, especially about science, history, and aforementioned machines. BJ identifies as a non-binary, creative, politically active, fun-loving, nerd. BJ earned their MFA in interdisciplinary arts and media from Columbia College in 2016. Professionally, they have dressed up as a bunny and played guitar, managed millions in investment portfolios, and taught many Chicago citizens how to make videos.


The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Free Radio Admin Office
112 S. Michigan Ave, rm 1401

Broadcast Control Room
112 S. Michigan Ave, rm 1302C
312-345-3805 (On-Air Phone)

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