The Salt

The Salt

Saturday 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

The Best in Surf Punk, Garage Rock, and Independent Alternative. Hosted by Paloma Valencia and Sarina Swalm.

PEEL + The Salt: Interview and Live Session

Local Chicago band PEEL join Paloma and Sarina of The Salt for an interview and live set.

Originally aired 12/9/2017.

The Salt//The Voluptuals: Interview and Performance

Exclusive interview and performance with Chicago band “The Voluptuals”

The Salt 11/5/2016 Excerpt

The Salt Halloween Special Excerpt

Originally Aired 10/29/2016.

The Salt 10/22/2016 Excerpt

Originally aired 10/22/2016.

The Salt Excerpt 10/8/2016

Her name is Paloma and you are listening to The Salt on Free Radio SAIC~

The Salt Interview Excerpt

Originally aired 3/19/2016.