The Salt

The Salt

The Salt on Saturdays is an evening radio show that plays laid-back independent pop and alternative music, ideal for getting ready to go out with your friends or working in the studio. The music I’ll be playing is reminiscent of my roots in Florida and the time I spent at the beach or driving along the coast. Each week I’ll invite a different guest to join me in briefly and informally discussing current events happening both on and off campus.

The Salt 11/5/2016 Excerpt

The Salt Halloween Special Excerpt

Originally Aired 10/29/2016.

The Salt 10/22/2016 Excerpt

Originally aired 10/22/2016.

The Salt Excerpt 10/8/2016

Her name is Paloma and you are listening to The Salt on Free Radio SAIC~

The Salt Interview Excerpt

Originally aired 3/19/2016.