If you are a winner…

  • Take note of whether or not it’s a 21+ show.
  • Confirm Location, Time and Date.
  • If you have a +1 or not.
  • These are NOT TICKETS.  You will be guest-listed under “FREE RADIO SAIC”.  (see disclaimer below)

There are a lot of people working at these venues and sometimes the information gets scrambled or does not make it to the guest list. When you get to the event, if your name is not on the list under “FREE RADIO SAIC”, try “The Art Institute” or “School of the Art Institute” or other variations.  If the venue still tells you that you are not on the list, there is nothing we can do at that moment.  You will have to notify Free Radio as soon as you can and we will try to get you tickets to another show in the future.  Free Radio is not responsible for any miscommunication on the end of the venue. Our  “tickets” also have no monetary value (so, no, we won’t refund anyone any money if you end up paying. Sorry!).