Remote Resources

This page will be regularly updated with info on our workshops, meetings, and other remote resources. These are open to all, including those who are not affiliated with Free Radio (yet).


Contact to schedule a workshop or a training. Topics could range from audio/editing/recording/DJing/broadcasting/streaming(audio+twitch+OBS+etc.)/podcasts/music/etc..


Come join the new Free Radio Discord server!! Get in touch with staff, DJs, and listeners quicker than with email. We can also do quick one-off trainings or troubleshooting synchronously or asynchronously on the Discord server easily.

Free Radio Discord invite link:

For new/prospective show producers and audio artists

Contact us if you want us to host your show/mix/performance on our soundcloud and on the front page of our website.

Open Meetings:

Sign up for our electronic mailing list (at the bottom of our contact page) and/or check our instagram for upcoming monthly open meetings hosted via Zoom/Discord. Our first is taking place February 20th at 2:00pm! Get the Zoom link here.