This is the curiosity show, bringing you tunes from the backs and fronts of our brain. One thing is for sure, your gonna like the way you look….I guarantee it.

It’s MAKE NOISE, cuz although we out here making noise together, u don’t gotta b with ur friends to b u (although sometimes it helps). Wut we mean is this: we encourage every1, in their way, 2 express themselves. U wanna come on the sho n play ur original music? Cool. U wanna read ur dream journal? Sounds good. U wanna do interpretive dance on the radio? Hell yea, we’re abt it! Walk-ins always welcome. U can come b u, but only b/w 4:30-5:30PM on Friday. N u can’t h8 nobody, especially not urself!

XOXO, LCG & spacedawg

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