October Open Meeting

October 20th! We are having another open meeting! 4:30 in the booth! Be there or be square!

Episode 4 of LONGFORM

Longform with Danny Floyd is a show on FreeRadioSAIC.org featuring ambient, experimental, and surprises with occasional guests. It airs Tuesday 6:008:00 Central.

Open Meeting!!

Throughout the semester, we do monthly open meetings. The first one will be September 23th in the booth (on the room 1302-C in the MacLean building – 112 Michigan Ave) at 4:30pm!

Anyone is welcome to come and find out more about Free Radio and how to get involved, regardless of whether you are interested in producing a show! We would love to meet and introduce SAIC’s audio-based artists and creators to each other.

Come check out the station! It will be a good time, good music, good chats, and info about Free Radio.

OpenAirWaves 2022


1. Allison Hornak- cage lining
2. ANGELUS- All Night
3. Anna Godfrey- Untitled Dinosaur Game
4. Arden Allman, Cory Arquette- Untitled (Learning to Perform)
5. Bessy Ivy- Amorphous
6. Chelsea Dronett- Untitled; Hand in Glove
7. Cliff and Mika- If I Want You
9. Colin- Mirages In My Mind
10. Eric Leonardson- Metal Breath
11. Fangzhou Yu- Like This
12. harrison- cave
13. Monk- Scribble To The Death
14. Ingrid Jane- Golf!
16. Judy Lea Steele- OH DADDY
17. Jun Young Kang- Heart In Abyss
18. Keith Rodgerson- Arousal, Dorsolateral
19. Mallory Qiu- Thunder Under The Train
20. SON OF MAN-BASTARD- player 212
21. Martin Brown- ducky
22. Rerereere- Doyouhaveadream
23. Monk- SouthernDrill
24. HK- 6REALM
25. Left Orbit Temple (James Teitelbaum et al)- Without Silence
26. Becs Epstein, Bizzi- Spring
27. Makindon- Blow

Ukraine Update: Interview about Ukraine Students

This is an interview in English with Oleksandr Sanchenko, young parliamentarian in Ukraine and head of the youth wing of the Presidential party. twitter.com/o_sanchenko

This podcast is a collaboration between Europhonica, RadUni and the College Radio Foundation (World College Radio Day). (c) 2022.

Episode 16 – Gianni Andreatta

Ukraine Students: Message To The World

Ukraine Students Message To The World.

In response to “College Radio Stands With Ukraine.”

Produced by Roman Zajac at STUD Radio (Lviv, Ukraine) and Rob Quicke, the College Radio Foundation. (c) 2022.

RedMeridian Episode3

HIGHLIGHTED SHOW: The Greenwich Meridian is the 0-degree point that divides the eastern and western hemispheres of the earth. I have no clue what the Red Meridian is but it makes a brief appearance every monday at freeradio SAIC. Tune in for sweet, sweet jazz and oh so much electronica from the area formerly known as behind the Iron Curtain along with contemporary classics with dj iivy.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2021

Domestic Violence Awareness Month begins tomorrow, October 1st. At the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, we have a full month of programming. The landing page for the programming this month can be found here, which includes information about the Pop-Up Art Show, and submission guidelines. 

The Title IX Office at SAIC has a full list of resources and policies here.

Thank you to Luma Akiti, Title IX Coordinator at SAIC.

Interviewed by Emris Brandt, Promotions Manager at Free Radio.

Out of Bounds Ep. 6: Back to the Future Playoffs

We are very, very right this episode. Or very wrong. Who knows? It’s the Playoffs! In the final episode of Season 1, the Out of Bounds team recaps the first round of the NBA and NHL Playoffs and peers into their crystal ball to see the inevitable champions. Ben tips off with some social justice initiatives that are happening around the NBA (that maybe the NFL could take note of), Kat evaluates the teams still left in the NHL bracket, and Aidan talks up his New York Knicks. Unfortunately, we may have jinxed a team or two…