“From Isolation Weekly” Announcement

Free Radio SAIC has transferred its programming to fully remote broadcasting on our website, SoundCloud and through our social media platforms. We’re also happy to announce our new call for entries “From Isolation Weekly.”

We have found ourselves in strange and uncertain times, and sometimes the best way to deal with that is to make artwork about it!
Free Radio announces a new initiative and call for entries seeking work made about, during, and around the COVID-19 pandemic. Maybe you’ve written about your experiences during self isolation, discovered a new hobby at home, or have made art that reflects your emotional state through all this. Send us your poetry, prose, and experimental sound works! As long as it’s in audio format, we’d love to hear it!

“From Isolation Weekly” is a weekly program of submitted work made during the COVID-19 quarantine, as a part of our temporary transition to remote activities. Now that we are all structuring our time and space differently, we would love to hear from you! We want to hear your music, spoken word, sound art, experiments, projects… anything audio! The mix “From Isolation Weekly” will be posted every week to soundcloud and the freeradiosaic.org front page, as an encouragement to create and move forward in isolation, as well as to listen, absorb, share, and connect through art, sound, and music.

Please navigate to the google form to submit an audio work to be included in one of our weekly mixes. We will get in touch with you as promptly as possible.


Suckers Episode 1

Long ago, Marguerite was cursed to roam the earth, damned for all eternity. Only now can she free herself from her endless fate, by making her friends watch many, many pieces of vampire-based entertainment. Together they will seek the answers to the questions which have haunted her; Why do vampires never update their wardrobe? Is vampirism just hardcore anemia? And why is so much vampire media hilariously, insanely bad? Originally aired October 20th, 2019

Celtic Rainstorm November 7th

From the Archive: Celtic Rainstorm, November 7th, 2019

Minced Meat Episode 1

Originally aired October 10th 2019—
Alice Peacock, SAIC’s Thursday evening DJ all the way from the UK zone, takes you through a few of her favorite grime songs, and tells a great story about monkeys in Thailand.

Headspace Episode 5

From The Archive: December 2nd 2018
A project on time, nostalgia, repetition, intimacy and poetics, Alex Janakiraman’s show will develop into its own dreamy space for remembering and imagining.

Open Air(Waves)2019

From the archive: originally aired March 20th 2019

Presenting the 2019 Open Air(Waves) Broadcast!±±±Free Radio SAIC’s annual broadcast composed of student and faculty-made work ranging from original music, experimental sound, podcasting and audio performances.

Mixed by 11ai, presented by Ilai Gilbert, Max Reber, Rafa Rivas, Paloma Valencia, Grace Hall, Lumpen Radio 105.5 fm, and Free Radio SAIC.

FreeRadioSAIC x Flaxman Library De-Stress Week Programming

In Collaboration with the Flaxman Library for De-Stress week, please enjoy this mix of a set by DJ Espooky and original music by 11ai for relaxing/studying for finals! Broadcasted 2-4 pm on December 3 2019.

The Salt: Rose Cora Perry Interview

The Salt interviews Canadian artist Rose Cora Perry from Rose Cora Perry and The Truth Untold!

Originally aired 4/21/2018.

Good Morning SAIC: with Alex Younger on Recourse In Response to Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Originally aired 4/17/2018.

Dr. Emily Hoyler’s 20th Century Song Class Broadcast 2018

The students of Emily Hoyler’s “20th-Century Song” class will broadcast a program of their song selections. Tune in to listen to a broad range of songs and learn about their musical features through close listening.
Originally aired 4/17/2018.