Naturally Nellie Episode 4

With guest Kate Bohen.
Originally aired 4/6/2018.

Queer Politix 4/5/2018

On this episode, Queer Politix tackles issues and questions about dating in the trans community.

Originally aired 4/5/2018.

The Salt: Alex White Interview

Local Chicago Legend Alex White of White Mystery, joins Paloma and Sarina of The Salt for an interview and live set.

Originally aired 3/31/2018.

The Trail Mix Broadcast – Trains Excerpt

This week: Jesse is on a train to Boston and Katelyn is riding solo on the TMB!

Originally aired 3/24/2018.

Tables Turning Show 4 Excerpt

Originally aired 3/14/2018.

Good Morning SAIC: On Solipsistic Selfies

With Anneli Goeller, Brandi Sjostrom, and Cat Berrera
Originally aired 3/6/2018.

Elle, Interrupted 2/23/2018 Excerpts

Elle is Interrupted with Mari Eastman, artist and professor at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Originally aired 2/23/2018.

Your Weekly BS 2/20/2018 Excerpt

Happy Birthday Rihanna!
Originally aired 2/20/2018.

Queer Politix: Episode 1 Excerpt

Ask a straight question, get a queer answer!
Originally aired 2/22/2018.

Gal Gun on The Salt: Part 1

Local Chicago power-pop group Gal Gun came to hang out and play on The Salt!
Originally aired 2/24/2018.