PEEL + The Salt: Interview and Live Session

Local Chicago band PEEL join Paloma and Sarina of The Salt for an interview and live set.

Originally aired 12/9/2017.

Happy Hour: presented by Eric Leonardson’s Intro To Sound Class

Originally aired 11/20/2017.

Take This Journey 11/7/2017 Excerpts

Originally aired 11/7/2017.

Sanctuary – Halloween Special Excerpts

Originally aired 10/28/2017.

The Trail Mix Broadcast – Treat Or Treat Excerpts

Trick of treating originally aired on 10/27/2017.

This Moment Here: ShowFifteen

Originally aired 10/27/2017.

Loudpool Music 22 October 2017

Original music radio mix from Loudpool!

Aired 10/22/2017.

Love or Lust Radio Oct. 25 Excerpts

Your one stop station for the cutest and sexiest tunes for you and your loved one~

Originally aired 10/25/2017.

Your Weekly BS Ep. 2 Excerpts

Bailey and Sahej bring you Kim K’s placenta, leg hair and Swan Lake.

The Salt//The Voluptuals: Interview and Performance

Exclusive interview and performance with Chicago band “The Voluptuals”