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( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

All the music played is kinda like a mix and match, but with less match and more mix of different genre of music. Ranging from folk to vapor wave to metal core, the music depends of the mood of the day. So hang around, chill out, recommend music, suggest new artists, and listen to music. […]

2 Thrasher Ave.

2 Thrasher Ave. is a biweekly show themed around different genres and sonic experiences. Genres and sonic experiences may include, but are not limited to: Metal, Ambient, the Now That’s What I Call Music series, Drum and Bass, noise, on-hold songs, American Hardcore, the skits off Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, etc.

66.6 The Synthesis

66.6 The Synthesis

Broadcasting deep Soundcloud hits, timeless bangers and exclusive interviews.

A Gouge At My Thigh

Listen in for singing, questioning, and echoing. Here, serving Belligerent Lullabies, not because I want to, but because I have to. If you ever fainted before I reckon this is where. Granted peaks galore. Long Live Francesco Totti.

AA Radio Radio Show Show

post-punk is best punk

Aero Narcosis

Aero Narcosis establishes a comm link in ulterior space, who’s purpose is to broadcast a sonic collage: a manifesto of the changing winds. Performer(s) will utilize sampling, electronic and experimental sound to enact the Hurricane.

All of my friends are beautiful.

All my friends are beautiful. All of my friends have interesting things to say.    

Altered States

Altered States Radio features the best of classic era, underground, and alternative Hip Hop!



Questions? Concerns? Just want to talk about radio stuff? Production Manager Anna Godfrey has open office hours from 12 to 1 on Thursdays! Located in the radio booth on the 13th floor of MacLean.

Aural Hisotry

“I am operating a service based podcast series catered to the needs of SAIC students. Students provide me with a reading that they would like to have narrated into an audiobook form, and I do just that. From essays, academic journals, articles, and textbooks I will narrate any reading as long as it meets the […]


How cute!

Bad!!! A Cursed Concepts Show

Bad!!! A Cursed Concepts Show

All the things you’ve never wanted in your ears. Hosts Gabe and Anna take you through one audio hellscape after the other. If we had to hear it on the internet, so do you. It’s funny, we promise!


Two girls chatting about everything from racism to teriyaki sauce. Discussing important topics such as intersectional feminism, racial justice, and free pizza. Cool tunes like 90s hip hop, RnB, Beyonce, and the Cheetah Girls. Empowering and embarrassing, every Thursday at 6.


Early 2000’s r&b, pop, and hip-hop with emphasis on lady artists.


“It looked like she’d slammed her fingers in the hood of the car on purpose but I couldn’t tell. She walked to the driver’s side, got in, and calmly started the engine as if nothing ever happened. “”Where to now?”” she asked, looking in the rear-view mirror at an empty landscape. Because the rope she’d […]

Blonder Tongue Audio Baton

Boredom Sessions

A 1 hour music selection hosted by 2 odd friends. First 30 minutes dedicated to Sarah’s top synth and psychedelic picks. Second 30 minutes are Sol’s varied hip hop, rock, and whatever-he- feels-like tracks.

Cartoons On The Radio

Cartoons On The Radio

Tarune brings you voices.  Actually, this is an interview show, for the most part. Most of the shows you see below are interviews with animation voice actors, as well as cartoonists and writers occasionally. Thanks to all of them for taking the time to chat with me!   From the archive: Cartoons on the Radio […]

Celtic Rainstorm

Celtic Rainstorm

Grab your bagpipes and lets party! Music geek Anna Godfrey takes you through a weekly deep dive into different Celtic Folk artists and subgenres, both local and worldwide!

Chola Surf

Chola Surf

Chola Surf Radio is a curated mix of cumbia, garage rock, punk, and other genres from Emilia Nicholson-Fajardo.

Chola Surf

Chola Surf

Chola Surf radio is a curated mix of cumbia, garage rock, punk, and other genres from Emilia Nicholson-Fajardo.

Classical Curves

I know Classical music probably isn’t EVERYONE’s favorite genre of music, but since I was born and raised with Classical music, I thought I’d share my knowledge and some of my favorite Classical music with you. You can listen and fall asleep, listen and relax, or listen and jam out. Some of these composers have […]


“Confessional” by Paloma Valencia is a live performance in which the artist publicly reveals the websites she has visited within the last 24 hours. This work explores and measures the obsessive and secretive behavior that ensues when an individual has unlimited access to information about public figures, friends, video content, photographic content, pornographic content, and […]

cool new tunez dude

newly discovered music, different genres every week!! electric/r&b/soul/alternative/hip hop/chill/jungle/vaporwave come hang out and listen 2 some cool fresh tunes

Dog Food and Groove

Dog Food and Groove

Dog Food & Groove shares new and unfamiliar tunes with the people. Each week (with guest DJs) we establish new atmospheres with our audience to create a moody and approachable late night radio/podcast. We seek to broaden the associations to genre and era, and we want to share the emotions that can be evoked! But […]


Pushing the limits of rhythm and texture through the lens of Latinidad. This show aims to explore the boundaries of what it is to define one’s identity through music while also paving new ground for alternative approaches to Latin music and experience.

Elle, Interrupted

Elle, Interrupted

Navigate the challenges of love, life, and everything else with Elle.



Music radio show featuring house, disco, funk and electronic tunes from around the world.


A little bit of 90s nostalgia coming of age / Bildungsroman narrative. Play time prior to nap time! A boiling hot cauldron of Contempo Casuals, sketchbook secrets and maybe some contemporary art gossip!


Examples of previous shows that have been broadcasted on Free Radio SAIC.

F Chats

F Chats

SAIC Section Editor Dustin Lowman and Staff Writer Luis Lopez host F Chats, an hour-long talk show featuring commentary on current events, deep-dives into F Newsmagazine stories, poetry readings, and more. The format is flexible — one week we might be treated to a live performance by student musicians, another week we might analyze the tendency in film scores to use irregular […]

F Newsmagazine Live

  F Newsmagazine’s Podcast Series of live interviews, music, news, and more.

Flavors of the Week

A weekly taste of hard-hitting classics and hidden gems. Markus Dextrose cooks up a sweet mix of rock, psych, and soul from the 60’s through 80’s. Perfect for studio time, party time, or anytime.

Force Felt

Force Felt

Interested in all things LIBIDO/THANATOS, ForceFelt, designed as a sort of sound montage,  presents femme makers pushing the borders of experimental, ambient and electronic music.

Frame of Mind

Electronic, experimental, disco, jazz fusion, R&B, alt pop, music from other countries, a little bit of rock, and much more. Once a month there will be a ‘themed’ show that focuses exclusively on a subgenre or upon a theme. Some news, thoughts, facts, and other things will also show up from time to time.

Fresh 107

Fresh 107 is a super chill talk show performance piece where anything goes. There will be high comedy acts, skits, and sexy farts as well as interviews, discussions about the art and music world(s) and life in general. Open dialogue with listeners is encouraged. Description is subject to change as the performance develops.

From the Archive: Cartoons on the Radio

From 2012, DJ Tarune brings you voices. Listen in for interviews with animation voice actors, as well as cartoonists and writers!

Fun Dip Radio

DJ bratty titty comes to you once a month, with a themed playlist and question to match. Tune in and call in, Stacey is always on the line.

Get On My Wavelength

“Two friends essentially sit around and make fun of each other and play tunes based on the Theme of the Day. Sometimes, they’ll bring in a guest and let them in on the fun. But at the end of the day, they learn an important lesson about becoming adults. Or something. Themes of the Day […]


so good

Good Morning SAIC

Good Morning SAIC

A Tuesday morning pick-me-up with Manisha. Interviews, art news and morning music.



Welcome to GRGES Radio. We focus on blending the future with the past by playing soul, hip-hop, r&b, house, pop, funk, alternative rock and more contemporary styles like future house and sample based music. Expose the world to fresh music. Instrumentals are our best friends.

Gross Air with Terry Fresh

The unlistenable version of the (human) public classic, brought to your dimension by a fortuitous cross in the cosmic radio waves.



Saving people, hunting things, the radio business.


Headspace is a curating project by Alex Janakiraman which includes any sounds or words which have been a recent influence to her. Can you ever only listen to the same two songs all week? Do you sometimes get stuck on an image from a dream and perpetually feel caught between two places? Do passages from […]


Initially started as a radio station, hersday thursday has become a collective of artists, educators, djs, music lovers, and talented folk who come together on Thursday nights to party for the good vibes. The show includes super fun interviews, playlists,  young and old artists, current students, alumni, and artists/musicians not associated with SAIC marinated with […]


From the popular to the obscure, Hullabaloo plays the music of the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. I’ll be featuring a different sub-genre of music each week, with a smattering of history thrown in.Listen in every Sunday night from 5-6 PM.


This is the curiosity show, bringing you tunes from the backs and fronts of our brain. One thing is for sure, your gonna like the way you look….I guarantee it.


Inspiring talks, inspiring cutting edge music and throwbacks to the classics.

Interview With Thomas Comerford

Thomas sat down with Andy to discuss his new album. “Archive + Spiral” release party November 4 at The Hideout 1354 W Wabansia Chicago, IL. Thomas Comerford is a musician and filmmaker who teaches film and punk history at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Born in 1970, Comerford originally studied sculpture, performance, […]

It’s Women’s Work

It’s Women’s Work

“It’s Women’s Work” will highlight the work of innovative female-identifying composers. Genres will include and not be limited to: Sound Art, Classical, Experimental, Jazz, electronic, and experimental pop. A short list of examples include: Meredith Monk, Annea Lockwood, Alice Coltrane, Hildegard Westerkamp, Olivia Block, Laurie Anderson, Pauline Oliveros, Eliane Radigue, Suzanne Ciani, Colleen, Kaitlyn Aurelia […]



Jim and Ian Hurdle Through Space

Jim and Ian Hurdle Through Space

Join Jim and Ian as they hurtle through space, desperately trying to figure out what is going on.

Joey Shares

Tune into Joey Shares with Joey Scher aka DJ traderjoe_y if you like Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, World Music, R&B, Funk, 90’s House, Classics, and anything that’ll make your body move! I love listening to music that makes me feel so good that my heart sings and my toes wiggle! If you like music that does […]

Kamil & une nuit

“I will mix different kinds of music : nu/italo disco, synth pop/wave electronic, soul, funk and rnb across many countries : Africa, Asia, north and south America and Europe. Have fun!”

Kid Soul

Kid Soul is your guide to all the hits and deep cuts of classic and contemporary soul. Listen to get a sweet blend of new and old, along with talk radio on changing weekly topics.

KNOW Radio

Ya know?


Kolversations with Jeffrey Kolvites is a weekly comedy talk show hosted by Jeffrey Kolvites. On the show we talk to comedians from all parts of the comedy world. Listen in to hear from improv comedians, stand up comedians, internet comedians, that one guy I know comedians and anyone else who actually responds to my emails. […]

Lavender Menace

Lavender Menace

An hour’s worth of music created by queer femme artists. Intersectional, trans-inclusive feminism. “Lavender menace” was a term used by radical feminists of the 70’s to condemn and distance themselves from lesbian members of the movement.

Left Hand Shoe


Library Music

LIBRARY MUSIC is a weekly show, playing music from SAIC’s CD, Tape and LP libraries.

Life In Motion

Hey y’all welcome to Life In Motion! Life In Motion is a talk/music show hybrid hosted by two consistent world travelers that have experienced two very different lives. Myself (Toprak) and Samuel AKA “”Wonnie””. We hope you enjoy listening!



LIGHTS ON is an electronic-based broadcast and podcast with interviews by and with Chicago-based DJs and makers.



Limits is not where you will hear top 40 hits. Consisting of mainly a wide range of electronic music and a hint of hiphop you will hear classics like Human After All but more important what you probably have never heard.

Lo-Fi World

DJs Ooploop and Zassafras spin (we aren’t playing records, but we could though, so maybe we are) records from around the globe focusing on the non-standards of World music. Featuring African Psychedelic, Cambodian Garage Rock, early Bollywood, contemporary Chinese experimental, Soviet abnormalities, and anything else that fits the bill. Tune in to Freeradiosaic.org to listen […]

Loudpool Music

Loudpool Music

Members of SAIC’s Music Collaborators broadcast original SAIC music, local Chicago artists, and artist interviews.

Love or Lust Radio

Love or Lust Radio

Dreamy tunes for the sex crazed and the most smitten.

Mad Radio

Welcome to Mad Radio. A radio show that is dedicated to the rock and electronic music genres. Each week I will switch off each genre as I present to you the most awesome music I know!

Mike & Jeff try really hard by the fireplace

Mike and Jeff chat about puberty and whatever else seems relevant to today’s ever changing market place. Tune in to find out.


Misprints seeks to reinterpret past and present SAIC publications through the process of databending sonification. For the purpose of this transmission, the entirety of Over a Century, which is a set of personal recollections of the School’s first 115 years edited by Roger Gilmore, will be broadcast.

Mode Hexe
Mode Hexe

Mode Hexe

Description pending.

Molotov Chinese Cock Pill Gun Show

MCCPGS is Free Radio SAIC’s premier program for exploration of freaky punk, hardcore, art-rock, noise, and everything in-between. Hosted by Terry Cloth and Jerry Can. Bringing you an hour of weird, angry, depraved garbage every single week.

My House

Sonic excitement throughout the spectrum.

Narrative Theater

Join Duff Norris for some good ol’ story time…

Naturally Nellie

Naturally Nellie

Call, write, and listen in for bi-weekly advice from host Nellie Kluz and a roster of guest advisors. We address problems and questions – big and small – about the logistics and complications of living life as we know it. Love, money, work, cars, family, manners, clothes, art practices, friendships: in any combination they induce […]

New and New to You

New and New to You

Avery got this week’s new releases + curated personal picks.

Not Your Average Fangirl

Hello I’m DJ Geeky and I’m not your typical fangirl if you didn’t already understand the title! I like to play different music from different fandoms ie for those of you uniformed soulds Wizard Rock, Doctor Who inspired music, Star Wars inspired music, video game music, musicals, etc basically a fandom random. I also like […]

Old School vs New School

Old School vs New School

Old School vs New School plays 80’s new wave and 70’s post-punk, as well as contemporary music that is reminiscent of these eras.



Promotions manager and DJ Simone has open office hours which means you can just walk into the booth and chill. Come jam, talk about music or learn more about Free Radio! I spin reggaeton, cumbia and anything synth.



Questions? Concerns? Just want to talk about radio stuff? Production Assistant Harrison Wyrick has open office hours from 12 to 5 on Thursdays! Located in the radio booth on the 13th floor of MacLean. Check in the 14th floor office (room 1401) if he disappears….. or maybe he’s in the bathroom?


OpenAir(Waves) is a curated broadcast of wide-ranging student work from experimental sound to traditional music, spoken word, and creative performances. The show is a collaboration between musicians, sound artists and performers at SAIC.


Each and every show includes playlists crafted by me that are either specific to a certain mood or situation. Some might even be overly specific (i.e. “Your roommates friend that you hate just came over” or “Pharrell just randomly showed up at your party and you’re trying to impress him”) Music played ranges from Etta […]


“welcome to oto : a show focused on showcasing underground japanese music in various genres. including but not limited to: rock’n’roll, indie, shoegaze, noise, sound art, etc… amidst all the pop music and electronic music that exists within Japanese culture, there are bands, groups, and artists that shine below the popular charts. oto explores these […]

Patella Patella Breakdisk Dustshield Dream Radio

Peach Tea Weekly

!!! Hello !!! My name is Allison. I started Peach Tea Weekly with a friend back home in the Bay Area as a music blog, we adventured throughout the fantastical music culture of San Francisco to discover visiting bands or even local bands and their sound. Since moving away, it was difficult for the two […]

Poetry of Sound

Poetry of Sound

The Poetry of Sound explores the sensory experiments of electronics, noise, text, pop, ambient literature, soundscapes, and unhinged compositions from around the world. We’ll explore the various poetics of sound through history and amplify contemporary POC, queer, and femme artists.

Popcorn & Soda

Indie films, documentaries, web-series to feature films, this podcast takes a close look at new and upcoming features in the world of film and TV. In addition to reviewing something from TV and something from cinema, your host will feature a top 5 list at the end of every episode.

Psychedelic Experience

Get ready for an adventure… bizarre electronica, psychedelic sounds, chill, local, indie, and noises from deep underground. Join me on tuesday nights for a new trip every week!

Public Res Hit

Public Res Hit

YouTube deep cuts. Jumping between at least four tabs of Autoplay. Interruptions and layering. Genres ranging from East Coast rap, to Detroit techno, to Chicago house, to a smattering of contemporary releases from around the world. Dominantly tracks that you can move to. Work to. Think to. Unload to. Regular guest features. Voice memos, and […]

Queer Politix

Queer Politix

Ask a straight question, get a queer answer! This bi-weekly show covers happenings in queer art, music and politics. Call in with your questions at 312-345-3805.

Radio Without Qualities

Once a week, an hour of The Man Without Qualities by Robert Musil… plus TICKET GIVEAWAYS



Legends! Ghosts! Horror! with Caspian Alistor Crane


“Subele mami que estas gatitas van a prender los motores. We are DjCristi from Colombia and DjMiri from Chile and we are here to blow your mind. Our show is going to make you stand up and shake your body. With different genres of Latin American music you will always have a pleasurable experience. We´ll […]

Robot Rock

The robot spins, does not speak.

Rock Me: Curated Karaoke

Each show features a different guest, in which I will interview them prior to an on-air performance of a song of their choosing. The interviewees/singers will range from SAIC students to alumni and faculty. I, as host, will expose the emotional connection behind my guests’ song choice through interview. This show will serve as part […]

Romulus Radio

Taking songs of the pop genre and remastering them to sound ugly, distorted, unhinged and alternatively intriguing; like performing reverse plastic surgery on the countries most chiseled sonic specimens. All songs cut to 2:42 in length (which is the average attention span for the average American).



Sanctuary is a place to go for Alternative/New Wave music from the late 70s to early 90s.

Self Aware Self Care

Self aware self care is a conversation between two girls examining our habits in regards to how we take care of ourselves in every aspect. Hosted by Olivia Maldonado and Kamila Czyszczon

Sharing Space

In quick greetings, we see a glimpse into people’s lives, but too often we find ourselves caught up in our own academic chaos that we do not make time or space to get to know the people wom we see every single day, who ensure that we are safe, that we are fed, that our […]


The Shhht Shhhw is an hour show featuring d4real2fly. The hour is grilled with a signature blend honesty and humor while the listeners about relevant shhht such as……music!K

Signs @ SAIC

Madison and Noelle come to SAIC Free Radio to talk about what’s on everyone’s mind, their astrological sign! Tune in to discuss weekly horoscopes with a special guest and dance to playlists curated by your favorite Pisces duo. We’re here to give SAIC some guidance on romance, health, money – whether you’re a passionate Leo […]


The show offers up to an hour of eclectic selections ranging from from soul, hip-hop, beats, modern funk, jazz and more.

Special Performances

A collection of one time performances by SAIC Students, Staff, & Faculty.


Spells was a broadcast featuring student work from the First Person Plural class taught by Ginger Kreb



Long ago, Marguerite was cursed to roam the earth, damned for all eternity. Only now can she free herself from her endless fate, by making her friends watch many, many pieces of vampire-based entertainment. Together they will seek the answers to the questions which have haunted her; Why do vampires never update their wardrobe? Is […]

Super Ramen Noise Mix Sessions

Alpi & Benji do things

Take This Journey

Take This Journey

“”Take this journey Don’t be scared, be prepared From the light that shines From the top of the spine Not the mind to the mouth, creativity release”” With a title inspired by The Grouch and Eligh’s “”Lake Release””, Take This Journey explores different musical narratives through themes like artist origins and sample roots.

Tangential Space

Tangential Space

Tangential Space is the one stop shop for a wide array of different music, with styles ranging from video game soundtracks from ragtime to dubstep and More!  Listen here on FreeRadioSAIC to hear Ethan talk about life, movies, games, and whatever music he’s playing this week!  What are you waiting for?  Listen Today!

The Biscuit

an in depth journey through my iPod which has been cultivated over the past decade. Listen to a diverse collection of music ranging from Frank Zappa to Primus- From Thelonious Monk to Pharoahe Monch.

The Bread House

The Bread House is a mix of everything from new wave to bedroom pop to post punk. Focusing on diy production, femmes+girls and queer artists

The Fat Cat Lounge

FUNK, DISCO, INSTRUMENTALS, HIP-HOP, TECH HOUSE, DEEP, AND MORE GROOVY BEATZ! Tune in for cool musique and raffles for shows.

The Liquid Nicotine Show

Music, talk, and music. (Namely punk, psychedelic, rock, some metal, and acid rock, since they’re telling me to be specific about what music I’ll be playing. I’ll play whatever, come jam)

The Lyric Essay

Live and pre-recorded performances from The Lyric Essay (Mary Cross, SAIC Writing Department).

The Niche Corner

what was that? what band is this? i don’t know. it’s cool, isn’t it? wow. it’s pretty interesting. do you wanna learn more? let’s learn some more. let’s get some more info. what genre is this. where did it come from. who made this. let’s figure this all out.

The Peach Pit

The Peach Pit is a musical deep dive into the evolution of various bands and genres over the course of time.

The Process and the Brief

The Process and the Brief

The Process and The Brief is a podcast created by the artists Paige Landesberg and Danny Shapiro. The Process and The Brief is a podcast created by the artists Paige Landesberg and Danny Shapiro. We’re investigating all sorts of structures that make creative work possible. We record two separate but equal editions each week: The […]

The Real Housewives of Old Jerusalem

The Real Housewives of Old Jerusalem

Jokes, interviews, discussion, current events, games, special guests, comedy segments, and smooth jazz, The Real Housewives of Old Jerusalem has it all. Each unique broadcast has comedic discussion and commentary between the co-hosts, as well as special segments featuring jokes, guests, reviews, and much much more. For the radio show that has it all look […]

The Salt

The Salt

The Best in Surf Punk, Garage Rock, and Independent Alternative. Hosted by Paloma Valencia and Sarina Swalm.

The Taylor Effin Cleveland Radio Show

“Listen with your mind to expand your horizons.”

The Trail Mix Broadcast

The Trail Mix Broadcast

Just like the classic snack, each week we’ll dive into a different genre of music and explore what each has to offer.

The Variety Show

The Variety Show

In an effort to recontextualize music, the Variety Show’s postmodern slant positions itself as a distinct voice on air by curating playlists from the host’s eclectic record collection. Expect to hear Chief Keef followed by Steve Reich and Laurie Anderson.

The Weekly Holiday

The music you a momma play while she cooking, the music you chill to at kickbacks, that music you play when you getting ready for netflix and chill, and you drunk uncle play at the family BBQ. That’s what The Weekly Holiday is all about… and just like to holiday…. bring me a plate!

The White Horse

An eclectic- and perhaps unsettling- mix of alternative, avant-garde, classical, dark ambient, darkwave, dreampop, electronic, experimental, folk, post-punk, psychedelic, shoegaze, traditional, and trip-hop.

The X

The X

The X is an Intergalactic Border Blaster. Explore how various cultures influence each other’s musical forms and the ways in which they influence American pop-culture. Hosts Crystal Powers and Ray Gunsalus captain your journey.

This Moment Here

This Moment Here

 An honest perspective on what it’s like to be a graduate student in art school in the present day. Topics change weekly including real talk in the studio, new projects, mishaps, dating, friendships, art openings, and everything taking place in this moment here. Hosted by two female MFA candidates in the Painting and Drawing Department, […]

Toast Radio

Toast Radio, served with a weekly variety of jams.   New wave, shoegaze, indie rock, punk rock, post-punk, folk, dream pop, and more thrown together in a weekly segment in no specific order.

Track Team

Track Team

A free form show that consists of live noise performances from the hosts along with selected guest artists from SAIC. Power electronics, Ambient, Sound scape, and Harsh Noise along with others form of experimental sound performances. Last show of each month consists of selected pieces or premieres of local artists.


Transfixion’ are a series of weekly/bi-weekly broadcasts.They are sonic experiments that will use techniques of collage, remix, distortion and corruption, however will be focusing on noise and feedback. The experimentation will happen in real-time and will be subject to improvisation. In that regard ‘Transfixion’ can be seen as the artists playful exploration of his sonic […]




tunes 4 toothaches

weekly playlist / may include :: lots of groove, much angst, moody tunes, movie soundtracks, some noisey noises and moooore

Turning Tables

Turning Tables

Celebratory and critical, friends and I will work our way through NPR’s list of 150 best albums by women and ask why.

Untitled Zach Show

Untitled Zach Show

Zach sits in the office and listens to music while working getting shit donezo. Great for painters, drawers, printers, and fiberers. Ok for sculptors. Bad for sound and video. CP not applicable and restricted.



Obscure and rare, brutally blissful, from indie to blackened death metal and back.

Voices of Chicago

Each week one new artist from Chicago will be introduced and a guest on the show. The show will consist of a brief interview with each artist as well as playing their music and music similar to their style to spread awareness of the artist. (A live performance of the artist(s) will be held in […]

We Talk About Our Cartoon Boyfriends

We Talk About Our Cartoon Boyfriends

A group of internet pals discuss the work that inspires them..with special guests!

What You Need

/// experimental, electronica, downtempo, house, ska, punk, POP, dance, doo wop, rhythmic noise, acid jazz, hip hop soul, groove, future funk, rap, rocksteady, r&b, etc.  

What’s My Job

SAIC’s Career and Co-op’s program where recent SAIC alumni speak about how they kicked off their careers.

Wiggin’ Out

Two girls, wearin’ wigs, talkin’ shit and playing cool jams.


Journey through time with DJs Motherboard and Hacker as we dissect the music from a distinct time and place.

Your Weekly BS

Your Weekly BS

Sahaj and Bailey bring you a weekly dose of classical music, with a dash of BS.